Customer Service 21 February 2022 1 min read

How Do I Install The Inline Skate Brake?

Your inline skates come with a brake, included in the box. Here’s how you install it:
1. Decide which foot you prefer to brake with, usually this will be your stronger leg.
2. Use the included skate tool and allen wrench to remove the rear nut and axle from the chassis.
3. Grab the brake from your skate box and position it so the holes line up to the chassis where you just removed the axle from. Make sure the upper groove catches the latch inside the chassis. The brake should not move up and down if properly connected.
4. Remove longer axle and bolt from your skate box (this should come assembled
inserted in brake unit already).
5. Place longer axle through the holes in the brake and through the chassis, securing brake and rear wheel in place.
6. Tighten brake and wheel assembly to chassis using the skate tool and allen wrench. Screw until tight.
7. Ensure brake is secured tightly before use. There should be no movement in the brake at all. Done!