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Impala Skate Diaries ✨ Marawa The Amazing PT. 2

Impala Skate Diaries ✨ Marawa The Amazing PT. 2

 Part Two

Step right up and re-enter the enchanting realm of Marawa the Amazing!

In part one we chatted with her about how rollerskating started and shattering multiple Guinness World Records, now we’re rolling into the details of her towering 8cm high-heel skate…

Let’s talk about the world’s first retail high-heel roller skate!

  • What inspired you to introduce high-heel skating to the people?
  • Because ever since I started skating in heels people have been asking where they can buy a pair! 

  • There’s a perception that skating in high heels is reserved for the elite—what’s your take on that?
  • I think at first glance, especially some of the super custom versions I have, it definitely looks like a niche, specialised activity - but- just like high heels in general - there are lots of different versions - skyscraper 10" heels right down to a casual 1" slide and everything in between. I have always loved high heels and it only made sense to combine them with skates. The pair I collaborated with Impala to make are much more user-friendly - and actually not that much higher than a regular rollerskate that has a heel lift anyway - it's more the design that makes them look like a high-heeled boot. All my friends who tried them were surprised at how comfortable they were and how the extra heel lift did not make much of a difference - especially if you are someone who loves and wears heels already.

  • For those eager to try, could you share a quick tip to get them rolling?
  • First of all, you want to make sure you lace them up correctly - as they are more of a fashion boot as opposed to a regular lower-cut skate boot. There are clear instructions that come with the skates about this too! The other thing is to expect your balance to be different to regular rollerskates, just how your balance is different in heels compared to flat shoes - though I would say the difference is nowhere near as extreme. And lastly - make sure you are confident in all the skate basics before you start trying anything too fancy in them, just like regular skates you want to have the basics covered, falling over safely, finding your balance etc, there are tons of tutorials out there (I have a bunch on the Impala page!) so make sure to watch those first so you have the skills and muscle memory set for your skating adventures!

    Instagram: @marawa