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Impala Skate Diaries ✨ Meet Rym

Impala Skate Diaries ✨ Meet Rym

@mira_rym, hailing from France, is a roller skate extraordinaire. She travels around France teaching skate lessons and performing at various kinds of events!

We wanted to hear more about Rym's skate journey, here's what she had to say...

How did you get into roller skating and how long have you been skating for?
I started rollerskating in 2013, just after seeing a videoclip on tv with rollerdance archives pictures in Venice Beach. I said to myself: I want to do this! It was like love at first sight.
I ordered a pair of rollerquads and I went in the street. Then, I met rollerdancers from the Parisian community, which allowed me to learn, to develop and evolve, to do my first shows. In 2017 I started to give lessons, then I obtained my roller skating instructor diploma and professionalized in 2019.

Are there any role models or influencers in the skating community who have inspired you, and if so, how?
I would say that inspiration is everywhere. In music, in dance, in all the roller skating disciplines.
Since I started, I have met so many inspiring people: slalomers and freestylers, rollerdancers, dancers, choreographers... I like learning new techniques, I am curious and I like to mix things up. All this inspires me. My students inspire me too! And all the creative, innovative and enterprising figures of Rollerskating!

How many countries has skating taken you to? Do you have a favourite?
I haven’t traveled a lot outside of France with rollerskating. So my favorite places are Paris and Les Landes (Seignosse - Hossegor - Capbreton).

It sounds like you're on the road travelling a lot! How do you wind down and take care of yourself?
It’s true that I move a lot inside France with rollerskating!
Life goes very fast sometimes and it’s important for me to take breaks, to see the ocean as regularly as I can, or, to have a corner of nature to breathe, take time and de/reconnect. This is the most important. Also to take time alone to discover and create new things.

Describe your dream roller skating location – it could be anywhere in the world, real or imaginary. Where would it be, and what makes it the ultimate skating paradise for you?
Olala! In my dreams, my skating paradise would be a place where it's warm, with a beautiful luxuriant nature, the sea and magnificent sunsets lights (why not the Northern Lights if we are in a dream). An island, with smooth slopes and skating spots everywhere. The beach, something like a colorful protective cocoon. Also, something like a roller rink on the rings of Saturn transformed into a disco ball among the stars, constellations and music everywhere... This picture that we created with my brother is quite representative from these places of peace.

To be more realistic, my dream roller skating location on earth is Australia! 😊☀️🇦🇺

Do you have any tips and tricks for aspiring skaters who have just started their roller skate journey?

Yes ! from a practical point of view, it is to always take a little time to warm up, on foot or on rollerskates with simple movements. To go progressively and logically in learning. To feel the movement to understand what you are doing. To be regular, to persevere, to ride just for the sake of riding, to not be afraid to practice : if I want to learn a movement I repeat it over and over again, visualize it, mentalize it. To go towards the tricks that please and inspire. To vary the practices. To alternate purely technical phases with more creative phases, restitution, by creating small combos for example or leave space for freestyle and improvisation.

More generally, whatever one's aspirations, to always share in the pleasure and joy of practicing and learning rollerskating.