Impala Blog 10 May 2024 3 min read

Impala's Artist Spotlight 🎨 Meet Haein

Impala's Artist Spotlight 🎨 Meet Haein

Haein, the mastermind that is makemeunfazed behind our Muse Dancing Longboard, is a self-taught artist from Seoul, South Korea, who creates vibrant and colourful artwork we just can’t get enough of. We recently reached out to dive into the mind of this creative powerhouse, here’s what Haein had to say…

Your work is bursting with colour and vibrancy! What inspires your artistic style and the themes you explore in these creations?
I find inspiration for my colorful and vibrant artwork from the freedom and energy of daily life. My aim is to bring joy and humor to everyday moments through my illustrations that capture the freedom and liveliness of ordinary life in a witty and delightful way with a touch of imagination to brighten people's days.

How did you originally get pulled into the world of art and how long have you been creating this gorgeous art for?
My journey into the world of art began relatively recently compared to many artists. I've always had a passion for creativity and dreamed of working in a creative field. However, the specific path wasn't clear until I discovered that drawing was the most natural and effective way for me to express my creativity. Like many, I grappled with fear and hesitation, but eventually, I developed my style and started to build up my portfolio. About seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to land my first illustration gig, which set me on the path to where I am today.

Every artist has a unique process. Could you walk us through your creative process when designing the artwork for our stunning collab?
Izzy initially reached out with the idea of incorporating my existing artwork into a longboard design. Izzy suggested making it symmetrical, which was a brilliant choice for this project. (Thank you Izzy!🫶) The artwork chosen for the longboard, titled 'Blooming,' embodies a sense of freedom, energy, and radiance. To complement this theme, I also incorporated butterfly wings, which I felt suited the longboard perfectly.

Is there a particular message, story or vibe you hope people connect with when they see your designs?
I aim to share humor and joy through my artwork. I delight in creating witty illustrations that capture moments of freedom in everyday life. By infusing ordinary scenes with imagination, I hope to convey joy and humor, offering viewers a bit of relief from life's complexities.

Apart from the Muse Dancing Board (of course 😉), do you have any other career highlights or major collaborations you’re proud of?
The Muse Dancing Board is undoubtedly my proudest and favorite project to date. Creating artwork for a skateboard was always a dream of mine, and seeing it come to life was truly fulfilling. Another highlight was collaborating on the 'artbymoleskine' project with Moleskine. It allowed me to express my creativity on their notebooks, stepping away from digital work and returning to hand-drawing, which was refreshing. Additionally, I'm passionate about my side project where I upcycle secondhand clothing through silk-screen printing or hand-drawing. It's quite fun to see how my illustrations look with the graphics that are already on the t-shirts. It's rewarding to transform old clothes into new pieces of art. I'm excited to share this joy with others and am planning an event with some of my friends in June in Seoul where people can experience silk-screen printing and enjoy music. If you're in the area, please join us!

If you were a character from any of your designs, which one would you be? Feel free to share an image!
My illustrations are a reflection of how I aspire to live and what I aim to be. Many of my artworks feature characters that embody my spiritual aspirations. I've always been captivated by carefree and mischievous dogs. It's amusing and somewhat envious how they receive praise for the simplest things, even when they poop! In my series 'Kill Them with Cuteness,' I depict innocent and adorable dogs and cats doing whatever they please, getting away with any trouble they cause thanks to their irresistible charm.